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Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer (Contract)

CareGrove Hourly

CareGrove is hiring a contract/hourly Ruby on Rails developer. At CareGrove, we’re on a mission to launch extraordinary software products. We believe market validation, agile methodology, and iterative development are keys to launching successful web-based products. We have an immediate opening for a Ruby on Rails developer to help us build cutting-edge, fully-tested, agile web applications. This is a a contract/hourly Independent Contractor position. But you never know. It could turn in to something permanent. We're looking for someone to help us with a few discrete projects, who we can call on more frequently as we grow. Most projects are at least two weeks in length. Depending on the project, we may work together between two weeks and six weeks at a time. As a Full-Stack Rails Developer you will: Write excellent Ruby on Rails code daily Write and update relevant documentation and code commentsReview and test your teammates pull requestsCreate and maintain tests and ensure reasonable test coverageEnsure that the test suite passes before pushing commitsWork with our Lead Rails Developer to understand client requirements and build the right thingsWrite JavaScript code using Stimulus.js and Vue.jsApply styles from our CSS framework, and maybe even write some CSSCommunicate daily via chatFocus on personal career growth and continuous learning Requirements 3+ years professional web development experience Deep knowledge of our tech stack, especially Ruby on Rails and JavascriptExperience writing automated unit, integration, & acceptance tests You’ll be a great fit for our team if you’re Comfortable working 100% remote AccountableArticulateFamiliar with Agile methodologyLooking for a culture that prioritizes shipping and going to market quicklyEnthusiastic about learning and building your skill setExcited about making a big difference on a small team Our Tech Stack Ruby on Rails PostgreSQLWebpack & ES6Stimulus JSVue.jsSASS/SCSSHTML, SLIM, SASS, & CSS How We Work You’ll be helping us build new features into our apps. Projects start out as a basic Ruby on Rails web app, and grow in complexity as we add features. This is a full-time contract, with the expectation that if we like working together you’ll join our company as a full-time employee (unless you’re not a US citizen, in which case you can stay on as a contractor - it really doesn’t make much difference). Part-time is an option. Interested in a part-time/freelance option? That could work also. This job is 100% remote. That means you have ultimate flexibility over your own working schedule and your working environment. This is not a 9-5 job (though it could be if those are your favorite hours). We rarely work over 40 hours per week, barring those rare moments of crunch times when we’re trying to hit a deadline or the server room is on fire. We write. Because we don’t have the opportunity to chat over the water cooler, we write A LOT to keep each other in the loop. Slack is our water cooler, and we use Asana message board and check-in extensively to keep each other up to date on what we’re working on. We have a zero-bug policy. Our Zero Bug Policy is simple: All bugs take priority over new features and improvements. All our products are rigorously tested before going live. You’ll be expected to help maintain our test suite and write new tests as you work on features. The full test suite must pass before you deploy your code. We sometimes work together. Through the magic of the Internet, we sometimes will video conference via Zoom, or we might pair program for a while to work out a difficult problem. If you happen to live near Seattle, Washington, then we might even get to work together in person sometimes. Learning on the Job. We love learning and are never content with what we already know. As a company, we devote time and resources to learning and expanding our knowledge library. Openness to learning new things is essential. You’ll be expected and encouraged to build your skills and add to your personal toolbox. We encourage self-directed learning, but we may also want you to pursue some particular thread of knowledge for a particular project.

Required Skills
Web, Mobile & Software Development
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails


Web, Mobile & Software Development


651 days ago