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Andrade Figueiredo $ 200.00 Fixed-price


My company is seeking a manuscript editor with background in the physical Sciences:
The requirements are:
-Extremely high Technical English Proficiency. Very close to native English speakers 
-A higher education degree,with preference for Materials, Mechanical or industrial Engineer, can be BSc., MSc. or Ph.D.).
-Must be able to edit 50000 words per month in part-time and 100000 words per month full-time.

This is a part-time opportunity for the 1st month.  It will revert to full-time if the evaluation is positive. Contract is on a month basis. Will be renewed as long as the standards are met.

Please send your cvs, along with salary requirements, considering 20 hours a week and also 40 hours a week.

Required Skills


Writing and Translation


300 days ago