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Redesign of iOS app

devpie $ 350.00 Fixed-price

Hi, I'm Martin and I am the developer of Progression. Progression is a workout app which is all about quick logging/use of the app. Key elements are currently the stepper buttons to increase or decrease the repetitions without using the keypad which takes more time. When the user reaches his defined maximum number of repetitions in an exercise, the weight increases automatically.It is also possible to increase the weight by hand by using the stepper buttons.  How far and when the weight should increase is defined in the Workout Plan view. The user is also able to write down some notes either during the planning (creating) of the workout or during the session.  Also the user is able to start a timer. By holding the timer button for 2 seconds, the timer starts without the need to open the timer view. The time of the timer is setup for every workout.  The log lists all workouts and when tapping on one of the entries he can view more details of the workouts. Also the user is able to export the log as a csv.  The app is currently iOS only but it is planned to create also an android version. App Store link.  The user is able to make a in app purchase to be able to create more than two workouts.  The user is able to unlock this feature for free when sharing the app to three of his friends.  In the future there is a discount for user which use the app less a defined time interval (e.g. 1 week)  Key requirements of the UI:  - Very good overview during the workout.  - Larger interaction elements during the workout (during a workout tapping on small things is even more difficult, also users sometimes wear gloves)  - Quick interaction: Increasing repetitions, starting/stopping timer.  What I currently miss in the UI:  - Animations ("Juice") e.g. when:    - Starting the timer    - Finishing the workout  - Consistence use of the colors and icons  - Summary of the performance when finishing the workout (should 1. make the user feel good, e.g. the more he increased his performance the stronger a specific animation, color etc. and 2. make it pretty so the user might share this as a screenshot somewhere)  - Notes feature feels a bit rushed into the app.  - A good looking, appealing in app purchase screen.  - When the user want to create more than two workouts but has not unlocked it, the current alert does not look very appealing. It should look more pleasant to increase sales.  The design can, but does not have to be drastically different than the current version.  Maybe a template for the preview images in the App Store are also needed.  The design can be iOS biased. The app logo should not be changed.

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Graphics & Multimedia
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Graphics & Multimedia


466 days ago