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Snior Active Update Engineer

Name: David Sandoval
Age: 28
Experience: 2 years Technical Support/Escalations and 2 years Senior Active Update Engineer
Education: Bachelors degree
Salary: ₱ 35,000.00 (per month)
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Development
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Profile Description

TS Consumer
        Cloud Security Engineer (May 6, 2016-2018)
Certified Premium Engineer 
Establish remote session to client’s computer to troubleshoot problems with their computer and   Trend Micro Home products.
        Content Specialist Immersion (July 2017)
Knowledge Base Article Update
Managed and maintained the content of the Trend Micro E-Support website and also created Knowledge Base articles in assisting clients for a better experience. 
Search Optimization of Knowledge Base Articles
Made sure that all search results of clients or engineers didn’t get any zero results especially updating the meta-keyword of each article.
Home and Home Office Support Redirection Functionality
Corrected redirection links to each product of the corresponding support to ensure clients will be able to have an easier to use approach.
Solution Submission Content Management
Verifies all submissions of engineers whether it needs further editing or if it’s ready to be published.
Solution Contribution Trainer for Trainees
Discussed the processes and functionalities to ABay Trainees regarding Solution Submission and Knowledge Base Update.
Level 2 Escalations Immersion (July 2017 - Nov 2017)
Hot Issue & Case Monitoring Management
Maintains cases on a daily basis by creating a summary report of possible hot-issues that informs everyone on workarounds and solutions they can do.
Escalations Case Dispatch
Assigns cases to fellow L2 Engineers if cases are still set as “Unscheduled”.
In-depth malware analysis
Utilizes different malware tools in founding out where it all started and how it can be prevented.
Solution Contribution for new technical cases
Creates a solution article specifying how it happens, how to deal with it and what tool to use.
Solutions and workaround provider
We provide advanced workarounds and alternative solutions for cases handled by Level 1 Engineers that are not resolved by normal troubleshooting. 
Debug log reading
Full analysis of the issue by collecting logs and understanding it to point the root cause of it.
SkyAid Scripting POC (May 2017 – Sept 2017)
SkyAid Feature and Code Execution Improvement
Create better commands and features in making the usage and usefulness of SkyAid a top notch in supporting clients. Resolve the concern of a customer with the push of a button.
                Senior Active Update Integration Engineer (Aug 2018-Present)
              Integration Processes
Uploads patterns, engines and product patches on different servers for customers requested by Developers.
Automation of Tools
Maintains tools used for uploading patches and monitoring signature files.          
Tools Migration from SharePoint to Atlassian
Responsible for transferring previous tools and upgrading them towards Atlassian.
               Upload verifier
                 Checks for faulty configuration on patterns and product patches before they are distributed.                        
               URL Product Creation
                 Creates configurations such as DNS, Akamai and mapping for products.
                 Process Documentation
                 Documents different implementations such as new tools, processes flow and system.

Customer Support & Admin Support
  • Tech Support
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Customer Support
Graphics & Multimedia
  • Web page Design
  • User Interface Design
Writing and Translation
  • Translation
  • Speaking
  • Writing
Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Excel
  • Data Entry
Web, Mobile & Software Development
  • Linux
  • Github
  • Unit Testing
  • JavaScript
  • Django
  • Python
  • C#
  • Game Development
  • Software QA Testing
  • C++